"I don’t like enclosed spaces"

Amit Shalit

Location: Papaya Juice and Shake, Allenby Street, Tel Aviv 

Residence: Ashdod

Age: 20

The encounter: All shopping streets in Israeli cities are dotted with stands that sell freshly squeezed fruit juice. One morning, as I was running errands in Tel Aviv, I stopped at Amit’s stand for some refreshment. As she was preparing my carrot juice, I noticed her elaborate dreadlocks and tattoos, and I asked for an interview. Her hippie-look led me to expect she would be an alternative, left leaning Tel-Avivian. I learned not to judge people by their appearance!

What is your occupation?
I work here and also in a clothing store in Jaffa. In my own time, I design clothes that I sell to friends...I taught myself how to sew. I make clothes for nature parties. Those are trance parties out in the open nature. The clothes I make are a bit provocative: more wild, kind of a hippy style...
We have a very active party scene. Every weekend there are a few outdoor parties in different parts of the country. That’s what do for fun: I like to dance outdoors. I don’t like enclosed spaces.

How do you describe your religious or ethnic identity? 
I really like freedom. I don’t want to define myself. I also don’t like to get into politics and stuff like that. 

Can you tell me a bit about your family? 
I have two younger sisters. I live with my mom in Ashdod. I’m very close to my family.

Where is your family from?
My parents are both Moroccan, but they were born in Israel. My grandparents were born in Morocco, but I don’t really know when they immigrated. I’ve never asked.

What are your hopes and expectations for the future of this land?
I hope there will be peace, though I don’t think it will succeed. At least, I hope we will win, like always. Like, in the Second World War, for example. In the end we won. Whatever happened, we got out of it. Hitler killed plenty of Jews, but many survived and continued. He could have killed all of us. You should look at the bright side. He could have exterminated us all. If you ask me who I hope will be prime minister, I’d say Lieberman because he’s simply smarter than the others. It’s like... the facts just show that he makes smarter moves than the other politicians.